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Skiing is an outdoor sport and it has been proved that it is very beneficial for your health.


You are outdoors in the fresh mountain air, you are stocking up on vitamin D and you are moving a lot.
And that is not only good physically, but after the restrictions over the last few months, a stay in the mountains is also good for your mental health.

So therefore we are looking forward to seeing you this winter!


This winter, more than ever we’ll want to experience the joys of skiing, of freedom and nature, but we will want to feel safe while we do so.

The 3 Valleys offer an incredible natural playground, spread out across 600km of skiing, (station de ski dans les Alpes, l'Eldorado du Ski : 8 stations : Courchevel, La Tania, Méribel, Brides-les-Bains, Les Menuires, Saint Martin de Belleville, Val Thorens et Orelle.)
There, plenty of space for everyone to feel at ease as they enjoy the fresh air.
We’re taking safety seriously and are busy working on what is needed to ensure you can relax and enjoy time in Courchevel or Meribel.

Strict hygiene measures will be in place, activities will be specially adapted, but the same fresh open spaces will be available to enjoy in safety.

There is some tips that Skiscool can give you for your ski holiday:

Private transfer:

If you can avoid charter flight, it's the first exposition of possible contamination are in a confined plane with lot of people not in a ski resort with fresh open spaces.
eq: Skiscool can help you to book a private helicopter from Genève to Courchevel at raisonnable prices.


Be sure that the restaurant respect the distancing, ofc.. avoid to stay in a cheap fast food if you can;

Ski accommodation

Courchevel has a wide range of independent accommodation providers that are working together to agree specific cancellation conditions concerning the sanitary situation.
The hosts will comply with official decisions and apply the measures imposed by the authorities.

Chalet accomodation
Private Chalet winter

Self-catering will undoubtedly be very popular this winter – staying only with your group means fewer chances of getting infected. However, chalet companies are taking measures to ensure that catered accommodation is as safe as possible. This is what they're going to do:

  • Staff will be wearing face masks.
  • All areas will be disinfected regularly.
  • Booking policies have been updated and many accommodation providers now offer flexible cancellations and full refunds when trips are cancelled because of Coronavirus.
    Skiscool can help you to find the good accomodation at Courchevel or Meribel
  • Implement contactless catered holidays – meals will be laid out before you sit at your table and cleaning taking place while you're out.

Après ski

Avoid it.. but anyway i doubt that bar and night club will be open this winter with the restrictions.