FAQ SkiScool Payment

Hi, To pay your ski services with Skiscool you have 2 choice:

PayPal (first choice in green*) or Integrated Credit Card system (second choice in blue*).

  • Paypal is good system but is a bit asshole for new users and if you do not have a paypal account already, as we pay their fees in our side, we recommand this option. (see below to get help)
  • The second that you can use is the faster and easier one, just add your credit card info and it’s done, but 4% will be asked to pay in extra (not included in final bill)
  • As we prefer our clients to use Paypal (it’s less cost for us) try using the free of fees system.

*See below pictures

UI buttons forms

If you use paypal here the comments:

  • Push Paypal button to process payment flow
  • With Paypal you can as well select pay by credit card without to create a PayPal account for some country. (image 1)
  • If you want just pay by credit card and avoid to create a paypal account be sure to select English in language (not russian) and use a physical address in a EU country (Britain or France is good option)
  • With Paypal you need to inform a physical address in their bill, just use yours or create a fake one is fine (you pay ski-services, no one item will be send to your address).
  • Please provide a good email that paypal can send you the bill of your payment.
  • With Paypal try to NOT select their devise paypal-conversion if you process with a no EURO credit card. else you will get charge 2,5% more than expected on your bill! Simply it’s recommanded at 90% to use your bank to process any devise conversion.(3)

PayPal picture 1

If your credit card do not have EUR:

Paypal always show you their conversion option by default as it’s more benefit for them (we pay already 3,5% of transactions no need to add 2.5% from you!).

Always select second choice is recommanded. Your bank will charge according your bank contract and devise rates.

Bad option

Good option

If you are here, you read all the faq that is great! we hope you will enjoy pass ski holidays with us.

See you on slope 🙂